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Will my case be settled, or will it go to trial?

Settlement represents an agreed resolution of the personal injury case, when the lawyers and insurance adjusters satisfy themselves that a particular amount of money paid in settlement is an acceptable alternative to the risks and uncertainties of a trial outcome for their clients.

A jury or judge trial is how cases are finally resolved if the parties are not able to reach a settlement. We prepare every case as if it is going to go to trial, so that the facts and evidence are fully developed and understood, and can be presented in the most effective way on your behalf.

As a practical matter, many, if not most cases, do in fact settle sometime along the way before a trial. In some cases, if there is clear liability on the part of the defendant, and reasonable medical certainly about the nature and extent of the injuries, settlement might occur through a series of negotiations before a lawsuit is even commenced. In other cases, disagreement about liability or uncertainty about the extent of the injuries may mean that the case does not settle until after the completion of discovery, or even during the trial itself.

No settlement takes place without your involvement and agreement. While we act as vigorous advocates on your behalf in dealing with opposing counsel and the insurance companies, our responsibility as your lawyers also requires us to objectively assess your case, present to you the risks and uncertainties of your particular case, and recommend to you what we feel would be a reasonable range for settlement.