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Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy Error Accident Lawyer in Rochester, NY

A prescription filled with the wrong medication carries the potential for severe adverse reactions, hospitalization, and even permanent injury or sensitivities. The loss of the “corner druggist” and the rise of the chain pharmacies dispensing hundreds of prescriptions each day to customers they no longer recognize, has increased the risk of the wrong drug being dispensed. Although pharmacies may do their best to carefully review computerized records, they are responsible for their errors and the injuries that result. 

When to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer for Pharmacy Errors

When a pharmacy or its employees fail dispense medication properly, they may be held accountable for medication errors. This can include:

Wrong Dosages: When a pharmacist provides the wrong dosage, pill size or provides inaccurate instructions they can be held accountable for any damages to the person that occur from their actions. Providing the incorrect dosage to a person could result in serious harm or even death.

Wrong Medication: It is the pharmacist’s professional responsibility to provide the correct medication which is prescribed by the individual’s physician. If an incorrect medication is dispensed, serious harm or death could occur.

Drug Interactions: In some cases, if two drugs interact with each other it could be fatal or harmful to the person. It is a pharmacist’s professional responsibility to ensure that the drugs that a person is taking will not be a danger to them or their health.

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