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Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Peter J. Gregory
Jul 22, 2021
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Most bikers in the Rochester area wait all winter for the freedom of riding their motorcycles in the summer. Unfortunately, it can also be the most dangerous time of year for bikes on the road. The summer includes hazards such as a greater amount of traffic and congestion due to people taking road trips and vacations, more teen drivers on the road, and increased road construction. Here are some helpful safety tips to keep in mind before your next summer ride:

When Riding a Motorcycle Dress Properly with Protective Gear

Although the summer is the hottest time of year, it is important to wear appropriate gear while going out on your motorcycle, including a motorcycle helmet, long pants, and a shirt with long sleeves. You may even want to wear a leather jacket or vest to better protect you if your bike skids out.

Stay Hydrated and Beware Signs of Heat Exhaustion

Do not forget about the dangers of the summertime heat. Carry water with you throughout your trip. Also, monitor for signs of heatstroke or heat exhaustion, such as cramps, nausea or dizziness. If you think that you might be dehydrated, pull over immediately and spend the time you need rehydrating and recovering before you get back on the road.

Practice Riding Your Motorcycle on Different Surfaces

Motorcycle riding in the summertime can mean exploring different areas, which can include gravel roads, loose surfaces, potholes from a brutal winter, and more. Your excursion will be safer and more enjoyable if you take the time to get familiar with different surfaces and conditions before taking your bike out on trips to new places.

Don’t Drink and Drive

It might be tempting when you are out on your motorcycle to cool down and grab a cold drink at a bar or restaurant. However, the risks that come with drinking and driving are never worth it.

Pay Attention to Other Drivers

Always be on high alert while riding your motorcycle. Operate your bike defensively and anticipate that cars cannot see you. This can help you to spot potential dangers before they happen so you can avoid them.

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