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MCCM Helps Victim Of Serious Car Accident

Jun 3, 2016

Peter J. Gregory obtained a settlement sufficient to cover significant medical care expenses and lost wages for a client who was a passenger in a vehicle hit head-on by a driver who crossed the road’s center line in a car accident. The passenger, who had to be extracted from the vehicle by the fire department, suffered injuries requiring multiple surgeries and long-term physical therapy. Due to the extent of the injuries, the passenger had to take unpaid time off from work and will likely exhaust his medical insurance coverage limits and incur significant out-of-pocket expenses.

By establishing that the driver who crossed the road’s center line did so negligently, and even after the driver of the injured’s car sounded the horn and tried to avoid the crash, Peter was able to secure the maximum insurance coverage available from both drivers’ policies. We are pleased that, as a result of MCCM’s assistance, the injured passenger will have far greater resources to aid in the healing process.

Accidents like this one, where the specter of exhausting insurance coverage looms, serve as a reminder to ensure that you are well-protected. To review your current coverage or available options to obtain additional insurance such as supplemental health insurance and underinsured motorist coverage, please let us know how we can help.